Source code for opencmp.config_functions.controller_functions

from ngsolve.comp import GridFunction

from .base_config_functions import ConfigFunctions
from ngsolve import CoefficientFunction, Mesh, Parameter
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Tuple, Union, cast

[docs]class ControllerFunctions(ConfigFunctions): """ Class to process values for the controller """ def __init__(self, config_rel_path: str, import_dir: str, mesh: Mesh, t_param: List[Parameter], new_variables: List[Dict[str, Union[float, CoefficientFunction, GridFunction]]] = [{}]) -> None: super().__init__(config_rel_path, import_dir, mesh, t_param, new_variables) tmp_vc_dict = _convert_dict_entries_to_list(self.config.get_one_level_dict('CONTROL_VARIABLES', import_dir, mesh, self.t_param)[0]) tmp_mv_dict = _convert_dict_entries_to_list(self.config.get_one_level_dict('MANIPULATED_VARIABLES', import_dir, mesh, self.t_param)[0]) self._control_var_dict: Dict[str, Union[List[str], List[float], List[Tuple[float]]]] = tmp_vc_dict self._manipulated_var_dict: Dict[str, List[str]] = tmp_mv_dict
[docs] def get_control_variables(self) -> List[Tuple[str, Tuple[float, ...], Union[float, Tuple[float, ...]], float]]: """ Function to get the control variables in a structured format. Returns: ~: The control variables as a set of nested lists [[name_1, pos_1, val_1, index_1], [...], ...] """ # Get variables variable_names = cast(List[str], self._control_var_dict['variable_names']) location_positions = cast(List[Tuple[float, ...]], self._control_var_dict['location_positions']) variable_index = cast(List[float], self._control_var_dict['index']) values: List[Tuple[float, ...]] = [] for val in self._control_var_dict['values']: if type(val) is float: values.append(tuple([cast(float, val)])) elif type(val is Tuple): if type(val[0]) is float: values.append(cast(Tuple[float], val)) else: raise ValueError('Wrong variable type in values for controller') else: raise ValueError('Wrong variable type in values for controller') # Zip together and return return [(name, pos, val, index) for name, pos, val, index in zip(variable_names, location_positions, values, variable_index)]
[docs] def get_manipulated_variables(self) -> List[Tuple[str, str, str]]: """ Function to get the manipulated variables in a structured format. Returns: ~: The manipulated variables as a set of nested lists [[type_1, var_1, loc_1], [...], ...] """ # Get variables types: List[str] = self._manipulated_var_dict['types'] variable_names: List[str] = self._manipulated_var_dict['variable_names'] location_names: List[str] = self._manipulated_var_dict['location_names'] # Zip together and return return [(_type, var, loc) for _type, var, loc in zip(types, variable_names, location_names)]
[docs]def _convert_dict_entries_to_list(_dict: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, List[Any]]: """ Function to convert the top level entries in a dictionary into a list. Args: _dict: The dictionary to work on Return: ~: The dictionary after all top level entries have been converted to lists """ dict_out = {} for key in _dict: if type(_dict[key]) is list: dict_out[key] = _dict[key] else: dict_out[key] = [_dict[key]] return dict_out